Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will my order take to process and ship? 

It takes us 5-7 days to process each order not including weekends. Shipping varies depending on where each package is being shipped. We are a small business we appreciate your patience as we hand pack and ship your order. 

How long will my order take to get my Pre-order cards?

It takes us 2-3 weeks from the order to have them printed and shipped. We thank you for your patience as we are a small business with only a few employees. Some orders may come in sooner and we will ship them out as soon as they are ready. 


What Material is the cards made out of?

We make all of our products with a thick premium card stock, with a matte finish 


Can I return or exchange? 

Unfortunately, no we do not accept returns or exchanges. However if there is an error with your order we will gladly help make the error right! 


How much are postcards vs. greeting cards? 

Our postcards are $3/ per postcard or 10/ $25 & our greeting cards are $5/ per greeting card or 5/$22. Use CODES: POSTCARD or CARD to get your bundle discount. 


Do we ever have sales? 

Yes! Usually during the holidays we will have a sale. 


Is there any way I can see the products in person? 

While we are mainly online, We try to participate in Craft Fairs if you subscribe to our newsletter you will always be in the know of when we will have our pop up shop!